Sunday, June 12, 2011

Freedom is Flawed

We view freedom as we see it.
Freedom is defined as exemption from external control, interference, regulation.
The power to determine action without restraint.
How is our freedom judged,
is it by power, by money, by hope, by justice, by laws, by our government.
Everyone's view of freedom is wrong, including my own.
Even so I know that true freedom cannot be won with fighting,
freedom cannot be found with any piece of today's technology,
freedom cannot be bought with any amount of money.
Freedom is a flawed system, I wish that one day we can all see freedom as it was intended.

Loss of Hope

Hope is something we live for, 
Life is a huge privilege,
a privilege, that we attempt to take from others,
wars, thefts, raids, hatred, terrorism, crime,
these have all ended for some, in the loss of the privilege to live,
who are we to decide what is right and what is wrong,
killing for the greater good causes greater harm,
harm stirs the emotions inside of us to act in a way we would not before.
Life is something freely given. It is given to us by God,
yet for some reason it is us that take from others when it was graciously given.
Now we so greedily take.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Love sucks

I like a few girls but when i try to find out if they like me I am always asked who I like. I am too embarrassed and afraid to admit it. If I ever do it will only be to you. Your fear is that I will say no, my fear is what I do not know. Please tell me please let me feel included in this life. I have been kept on the outside edge for too long. But you wont leave out the middleman.